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Next character in the storyline Solaronimage-1.jpg
Name : Solaron
Powers: control over the element of fire, uncanny bow expertise and stealth when he needs it.
History before becoming a hero: John Clements was a historian specialising in medieval weapons every day
He would train with the bow but not just until he hit the center of the target but until he never missed
now to how he got Fiya Powa using Arnold Swarztanigas voice Mind my spelling. He was out pRactising with his bow when to the north he saw a piercing light at first he thought it was the sun but he realised the sun isn’t in the north not only that but this was
coming closer then tink it him him on the head a tiny pebble that looked like all the colours of the sun but without the glare he put it in his pocket and continued practising then the target burst into flames because he believes in super powers he thought it was the rock ( how much more correct could he be)
Over the next few months he changed to how you see him now.