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@collex said:

Hello everyone

My name is Collex, and I am a Heromachine user and lurker since HM3 began, back in the UGO days. In fact, I was midly active in the blog comment’s section once, a while ago.

Recently, I decided I was finally time for me to be part of the Heromachine community, and start posting my stuff and get better with the program. I can’t guarantee frequent postings, but I’ll try my best to be regular and post a new drawing every now and then.

I am going to make a gallery post soon, but I do have a question – I currently have two Heromachine characters that were from an old Star Wars RPG game. They are original characters but they are still unmistakably Star Wars – one is a Twi’lek and the other has a lightsaber. Is that considered copyrighted materials? I don’t want to post anything that could get me of Jeff in trouble, so I figured I’m better ask.

Anyway, see ya soon!

Those character are fine to be posts so long as in the post you clearly state that they are from an RPG. It is a compromise decision Jeff, myself, and the reset of the moderators made a while ago when star wars characters were becoming a bit of an issue. They just have to be as you say your characters are, original creations and not NPC’s or official character from the RPG setting, and most be from an officially licensed RPG game and not a fan created RPG.