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Hello everyone

My name is Collex, and I am a Heromachine user and lurker since HM3 began, back in the UGO days. In fact, I was midly active in the blog comment’s section once, a while ago.

Recently, I decided I was finally time for me to be part of the Heromachine community, and start posting my stuff and get better with the program. I can’t guarantee frequent postings, but I’ll try my best to be regular and post a new drawing every now and then.

I am going to make a gallery post soon, but I do have a question – I currently have two Heromachine characters that were from an old Star Wars RPG game. They are original characters but they are still unmistakably Star Wars – one is a Twi’lek and the other has a lightsaber. Is that considered copyrighted materials? I don’t want to post anything that could get me of Jeff in trouble, so I figured I’m better ask.

Anyway, see ya soon!