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Hi! I’m Kaylin, Kaylin88100 on here. I’m 14, nearly 15, and I’m not allowed (by my parents) to tell you my real name. 😛
I love reading and drawing, which led to reading internet blogs and creating HM images. Incidentally, Kaylin is a character in a book I read once.
I live in the UK, which means, for those of you that live in the USA (and from what I’ve seen that’s quite a lot of you) I’m about 5 to 7 hours ahead of you. I post something in my afternoon, you’re reading it in your morning. Pretty confusing, huh?
I’ve never won a contest, but I try and enter every character design one, and I’ve got over 10 Finalists now! I’m so happy.
I’ve been using HM for about 2 years or so, but I only really discovered the blog last June – just too late to enter the Taurus contest! The first one I entered was Gemini. My first Finalist was in the Cyborg contest. If you’re interested, all my Finalists (I think!) are on my Characters page in the Art Gallery on this forum.
I also write stories: there’s the start of one, Wall of Silence, in the Writer’s Room. Please, check it out, tell me what you think! I love feedback!
I’ve probably gone on waaaaaaaaaay too long, so I’ll finish by saying that I love HeroMachine and the community, and I think I’m addicted.
So, that’s me!