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Hey fellow machinists’.I after years of playin’ in a few hardcore and cdossover bands(compare genre to Incubus meets Deftones)
Iplayed for about 17 years in different projects,but always painting and doin’ pen sketching(really just really obscure doodlin’)I am born and bred in Jersey and am currently living in Neptune City ,Jersey.I am happy as a pig in stuff about discovering HM3.Very new mediem for me but learnin’ as I go and it’s real fun!Now married with a 5 year old who also loves HM3 ,he is into the same type of music and loves art…Is my little inspiration.anyway life be it hard is a beautiful mirical and I am happy to be alive!Happy Machining,and as it was told to me DON’T WORRY ABOUT BEING PERFECT JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!