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Herr D

Man! I’ve missed being on this site for a few days. An acquaintance of mine needed some interesting help this week. I’m not very experienced with boats, and had never taken underwater samples or checked depths with weighted cables before. Long story short, we cleaned off his equipment and put a screen over it so he can avoid this trouble again. Pity I’m not suited for that sort of work–I could’ve been a lot more helpful.


Meet the climbing contagion, Tarsier! He climbs buildings with his special suit and disperses his very own viral ‘tonic’ that he refers to as the ‘Justice Germ.’ Consequences are morality-based, or so he claims. People who have never been in more than shouting matches get flu-like symptoms. People who have defended themselves seem to get no more than fevers and extreme discomfort. So far, all aggressive, violent felons have experienced extreme pain, loss of mobility, and death within thirty-five hours. All other symptoms for survivors are gone in forty hours. No one knows how the Justice Germ was developed or whether it is a ‘natural’ output of this peculiar individual.