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Herr D

[hrmmm–my naivete resurfaced. But you did choose an alias with a realistic spelling. Maybe that was the point?]
Thank you! Always pleased to alter autonomic rhythms.

One thing a lot of people will not realize on seeing that last one is the perspective problem. Having a reflective disk for an eye / head means a few things thematically. The reflected word is backwards, as it should be, because he is forward-thinking with his goal of tech updates. The word is NOT upside-down because of his skewed perspective–he up-ends or dumps peoples’ work because his view of the world IS upside-down. It probably came off as an error.

I think this next will catch me up. Like the complaint-rock sites that won’t post whines before their time, I have a couple more for later. But this one is probably OVERDUE. Once upon a time, when I began to become aware politically, I almost made a rather goofy mistake. I almost swore never to vote for someone who slung mud during a campaign.

In my defense, it would have saved A LOT OF GAS AND TIME. Decades might have passed between votes. Anyway, I noticed there are so few non-partisan political cartoons, that I saw the opportunity to make one for the Chimera pop quiz. And then I blew it–it’s not non-partisan, it’s ANTI-partisan. Oh, well. Inspired partly by the Pushmepullyou from Dr. Doolittle, the eroding patience of my elders, an elephant at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and my co-rider Maria, a former tutee from the FOP, my sense of civic responsibility, stories I heard of what not to do from the circus of Jones & Jones & Jones, the Washington DC Zoo, and a vague memory of a hybrid creature from the old series Bloom County.