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Herr D

I am more behind than I thought. Pop quizzes have passed.

I don’t really have the capacity to imagine everything. gods? Oh, well. I think of this more like a being going through a little hell or individual purgatory or purgation process. His punishment for making people feel unwelcome or a bad fit for this world is to forever be stealing shoes and socks. He can never find a correctly fitting pair. He must surrender the closest several he has to the eternal void every time he finds one that doesn’t hurt. He will never succeed but always keep trying to find lasting comfort.

This next was more a tribute to everything lost on hm, but the same principle applies. Some poor soul is facing extended, if not eternal torment for ruining progress or creation by others in the course of furthering his own.

I’m afraid I’ve seen this personally in the business world.

This concludes my Purgatory Page.