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Herr D

I’m falling behind in posting again! Be right back with virtual arms loaded with pics.
[several minutes go by. . .]
How do you spice up fall? Add Autumn Seasoning.
The alchemist has stepped out for a break, you know–to see if it’s working and to prevent getting a repetitive motion injury.
(This happens to be my favorite of all recent contest entries, and the one I’m sure I did the best at. The next one I’m sure I did the worst at.)

Johnny Mindbreaker was an entry in the random character contest. Somehow the best combination of randomly generated items didn’t inspire me as much as I had hoped. That’s supposed to be a kitchen knife and an Uzi and ‘tremors’ goin’ on with his hands there. I originally had him in all blacks and grays. Then my wife saw it and pointed out that black doesn’t really scream ‘badazz’ like it used to. She has a point. Dressing the way Johnny does here should invite trouble and get him more practice fighting. Or killed very quickly by a sniper. Oh, well . . .
I originally intended to make another from my list but didn’t have time. Full week.