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Herr D

Besides being extra busy these past two weeks, I’ve been troubled with the oddest feelings — heimweh, I think they call it in Germany. The first time I ever felt the pull it was in two directions at once. These following are reproductions of scenes I imagine someone would have intense reminiscing sessions about.
p47 collided with Nuhmohnuh’s rings the last day a tourist was on Ohneegahtahee.

Oh, and sorry about the thumb–you must realize he had to take the shot quickly.

These several next are repeated shots of Winnahpohtahsoh. It’s a resident of Aelihoh. ‘Winn’ is a sunpriest plant. They assume a worshipful position and hold it through several weather changes before uprooting and meandering to another scenic spot. Of course it’s not actually worship, just feeding.
Aelihoh is an active place, major moonrise happening every ninety-three minutes and change. A peculiarity in the nitrogen-rich, thin air make it a very warm, if not a very friendly place. Surface about 80 degrees Fahrenheit 9/10ths of the year on the sunny side, paddy waters vary between 75-90. No tourism, no hunting, no exports, and almost no gravity. Plant-dance watching for those needing a rest. Leviathan-cage diving for those wanting excitement. By invitation only.