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Herr D

. . . and this is my one-slot contest entry catch-up page. (Thanks again, Kaylin.)
Lab J really did concern Bill. When an outbuilding caught fire, he almost called 911. But this thing jumped out and ate it. It ate the grill, charcoal and all a little later. –well, it was a very nice — thing. So we told it it was nice and that it earned a nap of it’s VERY OWN. That old asbestos fire blanket makes a good pillow. Stay asleep. Stay DEEPLY asleep. Stay deeply asleep a LOOOOOONG time.

It’s made of Hair-Standard. The next one is made of Fonts. I used about a fourth of them, but only ever typed “hidden meanings.” So this picture is FULL of hidden meanings, to the exclusion of anything else.
Should’ve worked on a bigger scale. Oh, well. Last but not least we have the muscle car mag cover complete with a curvy model draped on her car, wearing a skimpy bathing suit. Of course, I really just wanted to see if I could make a dragon look good in a thong, but the car turned out better. –all made of Insignia. The 3rd edition of Hunan Muscle car didn’t sell well, but Tran’s Sylvania with the extra propulsion system fitted to the driver’s mouth? One of a kind, baby.