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Herr D

This album is getting a bit behind! Here is my catch-up aliens page:
Infiltration isn’t always so much planned as it is necessary for survival. That was my thinking in my ‘use the dolly’ contest entry.
Featuring a velcro fail.
Next up, my wife and I had a serious theoretical discussion about xenobiology regarding specifically sentient beings of a species where: it would be advantageous to ‘join’ temporarily or permanently body segments; combining animal and plant features; torso containing all but limbs. Interestingly, she and I both, independently and for different reasons, came up with the ideas that four together would be best and that there would be a temporary lowering of good judgement / intellect during and after eating. My submission for the ‘use wings items’ contest features a social blunder of such a creature during a photo-op with the U.N. greeting party.
But it’s the same colors as their cookies, right?