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Herr D

THE VERY CROSSE KNIGHT Chapter V: Knight After Knight–Continued!

The questions continued as the strangely dressed man led them to a hole in the ground with a net beside it. Most of them came from Glancelot.
“Why is your skin gray?”
“There are gray things happening?”
“Rr? Why are you dressed that way? Strange for a knight.”
“Best I could do on short notice.”
Schultz picked up the net. “Smells of crystal draconis.”
Herr D nodded. “They have a wonderfully positive outlook. I have released several from this net at this very spot. Some of them have faced the foe itself.” He grabbed the net and lowered it into the hole and pulled it up. “After facing the foe, I must help you out. You may each try to defeat it one at a time. But as I am champion, I will go last, and you will not just win or lose. I am Knight Of The Third Choice, and so you will remember that you may choose to let ANOTHER fight in your stead.”
Glancelot said, “Whose are all these tracks?”
Herr D answered, “Many have tried to defeat it and all have failed. I have released the survivors. Many of the challengers came from across the Gate Of Realms where it is not shameful to withdraw from a fight if it is hopeless.”
The three knights, despite their shock at that revelation, drew twigs for the honor of going first. Schultz won. “Remember, Sir Schultz. Under me it is honorable to pass on the fight to another. You will not remember what happened when you emerge.”
Schultz climbed down into the hole.