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Herr D

When you use a pulley action to lift a decoration, I call it a decor pulley. I made one of those for my Halloween costume. When I pulled on the pulley, a sleeve and glove I stuffed to look like a human hand lifted the trick-or-treat bucket. One guy asked me if I was a ninja. (?) I turned my eyestalk toward him, and he made a face and left. Some people. Yell
To make things worse, my littlest batted my bucket with hers quite a few times and the costume began coming apart. I shed fabric so many times that a passersby gave me an entire sweater that someone else had dropped, and I didn’t even realize it till I got home. Laugh
Add to that the antics of my eldest? She has trouble understanding the whole concept of Halloween. She tried to give her collection bucket to four different houses. At least she didn’t try to give anyone pieces of her costume this year, right?
All in all it was a good night, though. Sunni D went as an old-Republic Jedi, the little ones were a zombie and a sock-monkey-pirate, and I was an alien with only three arms and one eyestalk. Anyone else have any major incidents happen?