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Herr D

Someone asked me once why I think about aliens so much. I think I replied that I probably thought of humans as alien. I am certainly one of the most long-running cases of culture shock experienced by a native in his own country. I actually often suffer from ‘jamais vu.’ This phenomenon DOES make it easier to think of things no one else does. Like the following:

In physics, there are certain problems that must be solved for a specific set of values, because they can’t be solved for ONE answer. One example is calculating central positions with a set value of gravity between three gravity wells. One possible explanation for this (if you bend your brain a bit,) is that the positions within the set are potential teleport hops. All you would need to do would be to link three gravitons, (if they exist,) within the set with certain frequency beams like positrons. The ‘engine’ that accomplished this linkage and whatever was attached to it would ‘blink’ randomly between those three points. So the cagey speedster would aim his beams wide apart, hoping the random hops would be far enough to cause great speed. Each hop would automatically change the trajectory of the beams, necessitating a computer to keep track of constellations and potential hops.
The ship should look something like this for marketing purposes: the GTF Audahier
Of course, the vehicle should only be able to blink between points with the same force of gravity found in the point of origin. That may mean waiting around until the right triangulation of three gravitons occurs. Which could, in theory, take forever . . . but at least it would be impossible to blink into something — that would be an unheard of gravity value.