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Herr D

If I am to believe the stories my father and two grandfathers used to tell me, I am of beyond mixed heritage–perhaps nearly pureed . . . I got to thinking about my Native American roots and–uh–

So I’ve invented this new concept. Native American medicine men were very practical. Bad dreams? Make something they get caught in. Bad dreams about drought and bad harvest? Maybe the feathers should be blue and green. Dreams of sickness–maybe add a white feather for purity. But what if your dreamcatcher gets so full of bad dreams it stops working?

1. Turn it around to empty it. 2. Play music through it with an air-powered instrument. Preferably music about tate-waci, or wind dancing, because flying dreams are usually very good ones. 3. Try to blow bad dreams out onto pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds sleep too much and die too easy. They need to be more restless.
Like so:
I haven’t tried it yet–have to wait for next Halloween.
Next up, a pic of ‘Native American things’ I have carved out of wood and actually SOLD.

And last, having met one of those relatives who never wasted anything. The concept of scalping led me to the runway; all the squaw divas will want one of these!
Note the even tanning and stitching. Great workmanship!