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Herr D

We pause here for a strange interlude . . .
**”To past times well remembered.” A card attached to a OEOHFPPE–M? I think I showed you the originals of these:

Anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading or has American English as a second language may wish to skip any entries I make in the “Blue Moan” series and go on to the rest.

“Blue Moan” had a disastrous beginning. The comic strip was originally a 3-4 frame panel intended to run twice a week in a college newspaper. My mistake was I had no knowledge of inking. Mysteriously the first episode of the original appeared without a problem and the comics page editor complimenting me heavily. I say mysteriously because he told me later that he “couldn’t darken my work enough” to make it work two sentences from announcing he was “too intoxicated” to run the photocopier. I used the pen name Indy Gault as a joke that no one got. Ah, well . . . I dedicate this reboot to my longest-running neglected friend, M. May the patience I tested never be quite tested that thoroughly again!

Ep. 1

Ep. 2