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Herr D

This is the national hero page.
Finalist: my wife thought this was too goofy to win — well, she was right. Gutesmaschine wasn’t even made as well–I ran out of time. You never know how the funnybone will strike.
I figure the .12DM was for the lantern wick.

Miss Panama was my favorite — well, she WAS the most fun for ME to look at. [ducks reflexively]
I didn’t flesh out exactly what the ‘iron footathon’ was, I just knew it involved a big hammer.

The Prussian Eagle was an honest-to-goodness dedication to people who, like me, have been let down by employers being less reliable than they were and undervalued by job interviewers. My wife wanted me to have him saying that he just overslept ONCE. But that tack was taken by an Australian entry.
**I cannot remember whether his misspelling was on purpose or not! Yeesh.
Mr. Tura Lura’s verse came out a bit awkward–but so’s his pose, about to stomp one of the thieves’ phones.

And Baron de Liechtenstein? I wound up being more proud of the flagstone walkway even though the hero looked the most like a comic book cover of anything I’ve done recently.

I also almost submitted a pic called ‘Stalin’s Heroes’ but that was just the graveyard background–it felt cheap and morose, despite being an interesting historical point. Oh, and the flag: more appropriate here than anywhere else–the flag of the museum of laughs.
Because only those possessing should be oppressed!