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Herr D

**look below if you have suggestions for the hand.

(Wow. Now that’s interpretable as an omen! I was just thinking about JLA, and the 3 comments came from Jeimuzu, Lightningsword, and Anarchangel: J. L. A. Thanks, guys.)

As to the hand looking odd, it does. This is my best guess for a hand cramping up during a long walk with the arm around the neck of a struggling / staggering brave. Step one: wounded and half-delirious from fatigue, stress, dehydration, and blood loss, take your overheated gun, stick it in the mouth of the guy you just decked, putting a hairline fracture in your left wrist.
Step two: Head-butt him, screaming at him, while you cock the gun.
Step three: twist the gun at the last second to his cheek and fire, blowing out his cheek.
Step four: despite him writhing in pain, muscle him around into a headlock by poking the gun through the hole in his cheek and using more pain to control him, despite the pain in the wrist of arm you can actually move.
Step five: force him to stand by application of pain and strangulation.
Step six: walk in this position, with that much pain, ten miles back to town because they killed your horse.

Joe probably can’t fire the gun or even get his pinkie out of the trigger guard without help. But I figure he can use this position to get the brave home (barely.) If any of you have an opinion of exactly how that hand should be, I’m interested.
–I was actually expecting more to be said about the hat! Surprised