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Herr D

Lona Tull, model, swimwear entrepreneur, millionaire had just declared she’d be teaching a seminar for successful women when her last photo shoot in Hawaii ended badly. She is the only woman to have run afoul of the mysterious driftwood carver referred to as “Aloha” by the American Inquirer. Miss Tull’s seminar, How To Know Whether You Need A Prenup, was sold out when she disappeared. No one knows why Miss Tull would have been targeted–at least, no one that’s admitting it.

The last photo taken of her was this one, modeling her Suit Model No. RWE775 Crab Bikini, her Seahorse Sandals, her Anchor Earrings in 18k yellow gold, and carrying a Beach Net Purse Model No. BN94. Everything but the earrings are in Color No. SH7.