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Herr D

It’s time for another folk song ending pic.
“The Battle of New Orleans” as a folk song probably doesn’t have many more-uh-instances of poetic license-than most other folk songs. . . [prepares to duck into a muse’s skirts from angry mob of history buffs.] If you haven’t heard it, THIS one is famous and easy to find. The last verse in particular. I took part in an extensive discussion of it in fourth grade. That idiom, with sufficient license always struck me as hilarious. Yeeeeees, I know this pic is probably impossible for reasons related to munitions, anatomy, ballistics, geography AND general history, but I waited three decades to do it. So now I deserve YOUR patience.

The uniforms were also a problem. What research I could do led me to conflicting answers as to what they would look like. To make matters worse, the captions on the pix available keep saying that the uniforms depicted are the wrong ones. I have two things on my side: war makes records and behaviors less consistent, and the ability to crop heavily. Which is not working consistently. Photobucket is giving me problems.