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Herr D

Please, sir; I want some MORE!

More time, more energy, more . . . HEROMACHINE! Because of freakish storms in the No Va / DC area, I was webless from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. So I completely missed the pop quiz about Teddy. When I saw it, I restrained myself from making a teddy out of Teddys (cue chorus of ‘awwww’ from guys who love Victoria’s Secret) and several other ideas that would have taken longer to formulate than I usually have on Saturdays. But I couldn’t help but make this panel:

Sometimes messages to ambassadors, hurried and last-minute, DO prevent wars, like the following.

I noticed no one went much smaller, just bigger. Pity I didn’t have time to enter.
This next one didn’t make it to finalist. I imagine it was too much story and not enough cool in the pic.

Of course, three laughs in one panel may be a record for me. Did you notice all three? 1. The story. 2. The ‘travel mug with no-tip base mounted on halter’ fake unicorn to befuddle passersby. Warm ale only pls. 3. Druic had dentured his fake unicorn, because a unicorn would NEVER have bad teeth. It bit his hat–when Druic notices it, he’s going to ‘invent the new design’ that we’re used to…