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Herr D

“ANOTHER incident report, Ensign?”
“Yes, Captain. Another suit problem.”
“Those suits are nothing but trouble.”
“Yes sir.”
“Well, you’d better get the surgeon to remove whoever it grew shut around this time. On the double!”
“Well, get going, then! Get the surgeon!”
“Ensign! Why are you still here?!”
“There’s no one IN this suit, sir!”
“. . . what?”
“It DID grow shut. Then it left through the hatch. The suit’s software indicates the tanks weren’t even on.”
“Did you issue the recall code? The fins should deploy and the Diver Injury System should bring it right back.”
“We did Captain, but it’s not coming back. It swam away faster.
“Oh, dear. . . well, I suppose we’d better go capture it then, before it does something untoward. Like reproduce.”
(When WILL the Naval Corps of Genengineers ever learn?)