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Herr D

No. I was unsatisfied with the hues I got, so I hoped it would just look like the ear was closer to the bubble’s edge. It was one of many problems that I may not have successfully solved. The foreshortening and scale issues and manufacturing a matching limb–the logistical implications of re-oxygenation of water and pressure-extrusion of natural fiber plastics are interesting theories about underwater technology. Since ‘Miss Tiny’ was an inventor anyway, why not Beakstick and Kelp Perms and Kelp Mascara? To try to act like the odd beings above, their females’ corpses are made up sometimes. In the end, I wasn’t happy with the moonlight / shadows on the rocks but felt a major triumph over the ‘jutting’ cliffside.

I hope it’s clear that the human diver is snorkeling, carrying a net and a spear gun, wearing no tanks. The flowing hair I chose may have cast those things further into doubt.