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Herr D

Um . . . I’m sure that this next is ALLOWABLE, but those who enjoy my so-called usual might not peek at this one.

because of WHY it belongs to the Greek god hero contest:

“She explained that she appeared at that point in the old storeroom because she found a ‘dead end.’ The gray thing she carried hadn’t a DROP of blood on it. She said that it’s a dend-rit-ic pho-ton-ic converter. She said that means she points it at someone, and then, anyone they look at she can ‘jump’ to them? When she’s in someone’s brain who deserves capital punishment by the standards of America, or when she thinks it’s close enough, she says she springs, full-size, out of their head, exploding their skull. She said a full analysis of their actions can take fifteen minutes ’cause she has to weed out dreams and vivid wishes and stuff. She calls herself Athena Springs ’cause the Greek goddess Athena jumped out of someone’s head.

What? No. That was an hour ago. I’ve got this odd headache, but I’m scared to take anything ever since she disappeared with that thing pointed at me. I think I annoyed her when I asked her what happened to her foot. So . . . are you the doctor that volunteers at the prison? Just asking. No–my headache just left!”

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an obscure reference.