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Herr D

Hadji learned snake charming as a penniless homeless orphan. A local man kicked him around, blinding him one night in a drunken rage. Then Hadji lucked into a job. He uses his skills, is never looked down on for his handicap, and is NEVER bullied. People mostly leave him alone, which he vastly prefers.
This is Hadji’s new job.
Finding one’s niche is an enviable thing. I’ve always felt like tess-duodecahedron in a round hole. Maybe someday I’ll find mine, and I’ll be lucky enough for it not to involve anything I can’t accept (Wouldn’t have to be blind to.) For now, I find HM3 the best way to socialize with my ridiculous schedule, alien perspective, highly variable sense of humor, random-length attention span, strait-jacketed muse, and Monty Python temperament.