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Herr D

Heavy frustration abounds. I’m going through swingshifting and schedule changes, so here’s a couple that might spread laughter.

I don’t normally do heroes, but I tried panels in the public domain reboot contest. I didn’t place, but they’re still funny.
first, Tigra–the idea of a feline humanoid trying to look human interested me. So, ‘fur shirt,’ right? The claw gave me trouble, and I forgot to smudge the compact before submission. Also, I only just figured out how to re-upload with widescreen when I can’t get the pic to keep it’s right tenth.

And now Fantomah–a blue skeleton with blond hair that may have come from Egypt with the power of a goddess and a love for the natural jungles of Africa. . . okay, okay–I should have taken some liberty or something.

They are funny, but I might be better off sticking to doing things this site wasn’t intended for.