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Herr D

A representative of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and a buyer’s real estate lawyer sat down for a meeting about a parcel of land that might be dis-included from a reservation based on a questionable deed of prior ownership. A peculiarly dressed, humpbacked man walked right in, unannounced. He wore a crude, burlap, two-piece garment and a crude PLASTIC-looking mask with a veil. He held up an odd-looking flute and said, “Everyone who thinks this deal should NOT be made–STAND UP AND WALK OUT OF THE MEETING!”
He began the worst playing any of the witnesses had ever heard, and began prancing out.
Stunned, no one else moved. But you’ll never believe what the security cameras saw leaving the meeting and disappearing into the desert . . . the deed is now missing. And oil has just been discovered on that very parcel of land . . .

One of the witnesses, while drinking heavily later, said that the worst part of the whole thing was hearing brass claws on the hard floor. I’m just glad nothing was made of alligator skin.