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Herr D

It stopped at the salvage yard and tore off part of an old truck at a woman’s urging to cover itself. Officer Coy led it to the National Forest. It said it’s name is Oaker.

Judge Ghent: You understand you are under OATH, Miss Jersey?
Jersey: Yes, your honor.
Prosecuting Attorney: Miss Jersey, you testified that you hit a tree in the road.
Jersey: Yes, that’s right.
PA: and that the tree “left unhurt.”
Jersey: Yes.
PA: and that you advised it to “cover itself?”
Jersey: Yes. Well. He had these really big, KNOTS, you know? Not very appropriate in public. And so I told him to cover himself. He said he didn’t understand, because he would still be ‘knotty.’ He didn’t understand that I meant ‘NAUGHTY,’ you know? But he reached into the salvage yard and tore most of the side of a truck off. He bent it around himself while Officer Coy took my statement and followed Officer Coy to the national forest. He said he was named ‘Oaker’ because he was an oak and he should rhyme with a color. Officer Coy said he was jaywalking but couldn’t charge him. He’s not human, you know? Anyway, he wasn’t hurt and doesn’t have money or an owner, so Officer Coy said he didn’t know what kind of a ticket to write me.
PA: [mopping forehead] Your witness.