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Herr D

[click, static, odd beeps]–and thank you, Weilyn, for that kind word. Been doin’ some healin,’ some travelin,’ and some miscellaneous things the MIB’s wouldn’t want me yammerin’ on about, so–sorry for the long station break.
Before I met the wife, a former fellow performer of mine known to some as Todd the Pterodactyl said at a function that he believed there is someone for everyone. I blurted out: “Even for me?”
To his credit, his faith was only tested for seven or eight seconds before he said, “Yes, [timely stage name redacted,] even for you.”

But enough about me.

W-H-A-T radioooo.
All participants in the Hairbrush Nebula? It’s YOUR turn to guess which one of these four is NOT a title of an Earth song, but rather a common reaction to seeing an Earthling for the first time. Is the fake title: What You Need, What I Want, What’d I Say, or What Is THAT?!

. . . And congratulations go out to Sister Cecilia Sputnik The Psychic, for correctly identifying the artist and title of the song we’re just about to play–“What’s Your Malfunction” by Kahnman on the Keric label.