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Herr D

I’m guessing the song I reference above isn’t as well-known as I think it was.
I always hated it. So I tried to imagine it was good for something. What I came up with was that it caused an otherwise warlike species to be afraid of Earth and send us a Trojan Horse. But we know that one.
So don’t open it.
From Universal Biologic Special: Humanoids of the Hairbrush Nebula.
Tenna Is In Trouble. Her people use a sort of blowpipe that they pump up with a mouthpiece and a squeeze-bladder. The release valve supplies a powerful burst indeed. The condensation of their breath is collected as well to be used in the darts. After all, nothing is more toxic to their prey, the ‘Chukturs’ Beasts, than water. They make all their garments and most of their non-metal weapons from their blue fur and dried green guts. The cliff lizard after her has a pretty good chance against her since she is off-balance and hasn’t drawn one of her knives yet.