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The Atlantean. One day her curiosity got the better of her and she had to see what the surface world was like. She had heard the stories of The Old Ones from her grandparents. The ones who could live in the ocean or on land. That thousands of years ago some chose to permanently live on the surface among the air breathers. That through mating with them, they eventually lost their fins, scales, beautiful green skin color and the ability to breath under water. She heard the rumors that her people today still have the latent ability to breath air, but no one has bothered to try for hundreds of years. She also knew that many doubt those stories, that they always lived in the ocean and never were able to survive on the surface. Today is finally the day. She took a deep gulp of water and made her way to the surface. Little did she know, that with all she was to experience, her life was to be changed forever. atlantean.pngatlantean-clsup.png