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After the fact, I thought about a few things regarding Starchild. So, with those things in mind, here’s an origin story….. Ken Johnson’s parents thought they were the most blessed parents in the world. Ater 10 years of marriage and several unsuccessful attempts, they were finally going to have a baby! And on the way to the hospital, as Karen’s contractions increased, Dan noticed a meteor shower. “Look at that, honey! Falling stars to announce the coming birth of our child!” Who would have thought that one of those falling stars would land just ahead of Dan’s car, knocking them off the road. A following motorist was able to stop in time before crashing into them and making things worse. “Oh, God! Please, don’t worry about me; just get my wife to the hospital. She’s about to have a baby.” The stars truly did fall right into place that night. The motorist was able to get Dan and Karen to the hospital, where she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Healthy in all respects, except for the strange yellow glow of his eyes. Unknown to either of them, as well as to the scientists who eventually recovered the small meteorite to be sent to the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, it emitted an unknown and undetectable radiation.The amount was harmless to Dan and his wife and any other person who came into contact with the meteorite, but such was not the case to the unborn child who would be Ken Johnson. Maybe harmless is not the right word, as Ken suffered no negative effects. And for what ever reason, no one associated the meteorite with Ken’s glowing eyes. After the initial shock of seeing Ken’s eyes wore off, most people just took it in stride. “Look at our son, Karen. Our little star child.” The pet name stuck through Ken’s youth. Ken was never an exceptional child; he was actually quite average in every way, with two very interesting exceptions. Ken had incredibly sharp vision and he never got sick. In fact, nothing very unusual about him was ever noticed until on his 16th birthday, his father took him to the Planetarium to see the “falling star that announced his birth.” Whatever that radiation did to the unborn child, it kicked into overdrive as Ken approached the meteorite display. But because it all took place on the molecular level, there was nothing to notice, outwardly. But somehow, everything came to Ken in an instant. He could literally see and feel his molecular structure becoming denser. He started growing at an alarming rate and took to working out vigorously as to provide a reason for his sudden buffness. He hid this from his parents as long as he could, until a few years later, one day while watching the news, Dan and Karen Johnson had their minds blown!