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Unlike the other members of the Beasts of Burden, who are mostly humans transformed through genetic manipulations, (execpt Ursus Major, who is a were-bear, Dragonlady, who is an alien and Madame Bovine who is a human female under a curse), The Pride are three hyper-evolved felines. Leon is the leader, Cheetah is a super speedster and Tigre is a tracker/assassin. Each has the heightened senses of sight, hearing and smell of normal felines, as well as the agility, but because they have been evolved to have human sentience, their abilities have increased greatly beyond that of any normal feline. All three have super strength in the 2 -5 ton Level range. Though very human in mind, they still retain many of the traits of their wild counterparts, hence Leon is the most social of the three; Cheetah, like his wild cousins, lacks retractable claws, and Tigre is more comfortable on solitary missions.