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No real backstory for this character. I had the germ of an idea, but redoing her in HM3 when I should be practising some new material for my band split my concentration. A WWII era Army brat; dad a master mechanic in the Army Air Corp.; very patriotic, as most people were in those days; bright, headstrong and adventurous. Studied all of Dad’s materials so she’s a bit of a tinkerer. Invented her own wings. That’s about it. She’s not 100% how I saw her in my head: right off the bat, her arms are just too stiff, and the boots have a modern, punky fit to them, which while I like the look, it’s a bit out of place for a girl in the 1940’s. I wanted to do a flying character, as opposed to a character that’s placed in the air. And as an after thought, maybe she wouldn’t be holding a gun in mid-flight the way she is. Having said all that, here’s Fly Girl followed by the original 2.5 version.