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Herr D

Yah–she looks like a short Amy Smart. You’re gonna have to build that other strap out of lots of little pieces.
As an example of building, look at my post #153. All thirteen of the courier’s visible fingers have segments made out of EyesStd (no pupils in the items) and InsigniaTech (crescent) claws. The original item that was built up came from somewhere else and was masked to the package he’s holding.

Clearly you understand alternate uses–I’m not sure whether that background is a cape or a dress– what you might not have thought of is the benefit of masking being it’s own layer. You can put an item between the masked item and the item it’s masked to so that the masking ‘masks’ or partially covers yet another item or items. –So you can mask a ‘dress’ onto her skin and ‘stuff’ a curve-matching insignia under the edge to give it a border. Then you can have masking ‘mask’ a mask (Headgear)–dizzy yet?Smile