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PRS, THAT IS AWESOME!!! I really like the background and the pastel multi-colored aura. You made her a lot more busty than I do but it works. I got the proportions from Weilyn’s Dwarf Recipe in the Tips, Tricks & How to section. I am definitely going to have to use some of your elements in future renditions. The eye and the kneepads extending the boots are nice touches! Even the shadow. What are those that you used on the boots? Actual kneepad parts? You’ve always been way better at highlighting than me, too. Dude, this is really cool! I don’t know which I like better, this or your take on Miss X. I’m leaning toward Amy. Miss X you made racially hard to determine; is she a dark white woman, a light skinned Black or is she Asian? Adds to the mystique. But Amy is just a pint-sized power house! I love the arms. Thanks for the compliment on the other stuff, too. I can’t take that much credit for Spiritus’s face, that’s just the way the part is set for first and second colors and I either used the same line color as the first color or I set it to 0. I don’t remember. I’m doing a major overhaul and “killing off’ some of my characters and “sending others to another universe”. If there’s any in particular you like to make your own, let me know. If they don’t make the cut you can have them.