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While experimenting with masking to make clothes fit the angled bodies, I came up with a new alternate look for Amy Atom. I like the red and black on her but I have a few characters whose costumes are the same color scheme, one of those being a villain that thanks to Atomic Punk’s inspiration, I’m making an antagonist for Amy. I think I’ll stick with the purple shades for her, as Atomic made note of it in his story about this character. I also plan on retconning her origin to include an element of Atomic’s story. He’s doing great work with his “Tell My Story” thread! The first pic is a ‘powered down’ Amy, so called because all other pics of her feature her atomic left with the glowing energy around it. Next pic is the new look. BTW, Amy can manifest the atomic punch with either hand, but she is left-handed, which is why all pics feature the left hand glowing.powerdown-amy.pngpurple-amy.pngpurple-amy2.png