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Even though she is one of the mightiest beings on Earth, Maidenhead is not without her problems. For the past few hundred years she has been plagued by a recurring dream. A burning village in ruin, skulls and human bones strewn across the field. A lone barbarian rushing to attack, whom Maidenhead snatches up with ease, paying no attention to the assailant’s blades. Discovering long ago that she is nigh invulnerable, it has been ages since she has felt physical pain; hence she almost never has concerns for whatever weapons are wielded against her. And just when she is about to deal the death blow, she awakens in a pool of sweat. What does this dream mean, she wonders. Being immortal, Maidenhead has always felt isolated and reluctant to form strong relationships. When you outlive every friend you make, and your strength and immortality are directly tied to your virginity, you tend to stop making friends and welcoming lovers. The only others she feels even the slightest kinship to, are African Violet and Dark Cherub, an immortal woman worshipped as an Earth goddess and a being who is either a fallen angel or a reformed demon. These are the closest Maidenhead has to friends, yet she is not ready to share with them her anxiety.