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“BIG DEAL!” That was Sgt. Lincoln Kennedy’s reply when told he’s lucky to be alive, after being caught in an IED explosion in Iraq. That explosion did more than kill his entire unit; it was a dirty bomb that left him horribly scarred and sickened with radiation poisoning. After almost a year in and out of a coma, he surprised all of the medical staff attending him not only by surviving in the first place, but also by actually absorbing and metabolising the radiation that was ravaging his body. Increased musculature, bone and muscle density, healing, reflexes and strength were all gained in the process. Kennedy is probably the most reluctant superhero ever. He always hated his name, but out of love and respect for his parents never changed it. Proud of his service to his country, he has grown to hate the government that sent him and thousands of others to be maimed and killed in a foreign land that never threatened them. He has dedicated his life to fighting genuine threats to the country he loves, both foreign and domestic and exposing the “dirty little secrets” of his country. He has met and occasionally allied himself with other superhumans, some of whom gained their abilities through clandestine, government sponsored experiments. While it is not known just how strong and invulnerable he is, he refuses to use any weapon of any kind, relying on his brain and his brawn. There are those in government positions who support his efforts, but must do so in secret because there are more who view him as a threat for his efforts to expose corruption and refusal to be a “government tool.”