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Miracle Man was the greatest Golden Age hero of his world. A world that did not have many super beings and he was the mightiest of them all. But that was years ago. The days of busting up the Atomic Squad, Heartless and the Neo-Men were long gone and he was just Jeffrey Jones again, enjoying his retirement. One day he was trying on the old costume just for the heck of it and to his surprise, he found himself transformed and transported. He suddenly was his youthful, in-his-prime self and on a strange, yet somehow familiar world. In fact, he found himself on Earth Prime, a world populated by many heroes and superbeings. Needless to say he was simultaneously shocked and thrilled. (Funny thing about the multi-verse; EVERYONE thinks their Earth is the only one!) If you guys want to see more of Miracle Man, let me know. I’ll even take suggestions to help flesh out his story; how he was transported to Earth Prime; who, if anyone, should he meet and team up with, etc. Even if I should update his look.MIRACLE-MAN.pngMIRACLE-MAN2.png