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@JR19759 said:

@Iscarioto said:

Love your current video, go hard!

Iscarioto, I hope that’s you giving your permission to Kaldath to put your stuff in the video. You are one of the most inventive ‘machiners currently out there.

I will take this moment to make a personal plea to dblade and Harlequin, guys you are needed in this video as well. Alongside Iscarioto, no-one else does stuff like you guys and no video showing of the capabilities of HM3 would be complete without your work included. Plea over.

In addition to those named above I would also like to have the promission of Master Machinist AMS , and also that of Dionne Jinn who in my opinion makes the absolute best backgrounds with Heromachine. However if any of them are uncomfortable with putting their art on display in this manner I understand completely.

If you are not named above please don’t feel slighted, I want to include as many different Heromachine Artist as possible in these videos as you all have some fantastic art to choose from. The above named members just have some of the most unique styles that need to be seen !!