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another baddie for you all:

Name: Jack Scallano
Alias: Carrion
Age: 40
Occupation: Inventor/researcher
Affiliation: Villain
Abilities: flight via mechanical wings, immune to disease, disease carrier, immune to pain, super healing factor.
Bio: Nutjob Jack Scallano is about as insane as they come. A child prodigy, he aced science classes and became obsessed with the research of disease, viruses and bacteria, and animal carriers, specifically scavenger species such as vultures and hyenas. He wanted to understand how they were able to carry so many deadly diseases without being affected. He began dissecting vulture corpses and injecting their blood into his, bit by bit he became stronger and more immune to some of the worlds deadliest plagues, he constructed huge mechanical wings in his filthy lab where he feels he needs to spread his research. “Carrion” is an extremely dangerous individual, swarms of infected flies follow him around and his scarred decaying body is filled with insect larvae, maggots, and parasites carrying viruses, made worse by his huge wings which when flapped can create dirt storms thriving with deadly life.