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I know this is a mega bump but, oh well. Ive reuploaded all my characters and tweaked them a little, and added their civilian clothes.

Heres a new character, my namesake:

Name: unknown
Alias: Virtue
Age: unknown
Occupation: supreme being
Affiliation: officially neutral, but favours the good side.
Abilities: interdimentional travel, teleportation, all forms of energy manipulation, telepathy, telekenisis etc.
Weapons: Magical whip
Bio: Virtue (real name unpronounceable) is a “god” from an ancient race of beings who look over the universe and protect it from any major catastrophe. He is mortal, but ages so slowly he could be considered immortal in human eyes, however he can be killed like any other being. Although millions of years old, he is considered young by the Great Elders and is still training to be an Elder and someday a Great Elder himself. Unlike his forefathers however he takes interest in specific planets and races (which most Elders deem insignificant, as only the universe itself is their duty to protect), Earth being his favourite, he sees the trials of the lesser beings interesting and harbors affection for humans. Although not officially affiliated with the Network, he tries to help the heroes out as much as he can, mentoring and giving advice. On the rare occasions he goes into battle, his trusty whip can deliver pretty much anything he commands, any form of energy or psyonic wave is at his disposal. With a dry, sarcastic wit, his antics with the “lesser beings” do not sit well with the Great Elders, but his mission to prove that the little people do matter in the big scheme of things has not gone unnoticed…