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Herr D

um–try this one.
first wave and most populous (because of rabbits): Twist of primals would be furry sweaty things that, uh, involuntarily implant their young in victims with or without mating acts (audience consideration) from spring.
Twist of dragonkind for summer: lots of ways to go here–smoking out an entire village might be bad enough. Area effect of ‘no combustion’ would be really hard for medieval villages to thrive . . . no cooking, forging, warming, smoking meats.
Twist of Beastkith for fall: again, lots of ways to go, all hunted animals around start working as a team against hunters? Stampedes?
Twist of Shadowgaunts: cavedwellers who glow so bright they blind people. Or strobe for stun effect. Reward for capture? your very own low-tech DISCOTECH!