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Ok, I’m back from a short break to bring more characters over to this forum.

I guess now is a fitting time to bring over my entries into the first Two Great Tastes contest. Here are my entries into that contest, a series of five cheerleaders and a group shot “HeroMachine banner” I made with them. Cheerleader Wizard got a finalist nod. Those will be followed by my “alien cyborg” from the just finished “Two Great Taste AGAIN” contest. I had a lot of fun making the cheerleaders and I really like how the Alien Cyborg turned out.

  • Cheerleader images are large and may need to be opened in new tab to see whole image.
  • Two Great Tastes

    Cheerleader Robot
    Cheerleader Alien
    Cheerleader Ninja
    Cheerleader Wizard
    Cheerleader Cowgirl
    HeroMachine Cheerleaders
    Two Great Tastes AGAIN

    Alien Cyborg