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Going through my archives looking for the next images to bring over to these forums, I found these two guys. And since they both have ties to “Friday Night Fights 3” and I just reintroduced my team from that contest, I figured now is the perfect time to bring them over.

The Master
This guys started out as just a random character I made. I had no story for him or even a set name. When I posted him to the UGO forums I mentioned that I didn’t have a name for him and got a couple of suggestions from other creators. One suggested name was “Lotus”, which was suggested by CPrime. Now, I never really settled on a name for this guy or really thought much about him after that. Then “Friday Night Fights 3” came around I thought he would be perfect for my martial artist. So I updated him a bit to fit in with “The Stars” and for his name I took CPrime’s suggestion, flipped it around to give it an “alien” sound, and viola! Sutol was born.
Pine Pentalpha
Pine Pentalpha is not a character of mine. He was Skybandit’s “energy blaster” entry into “Friday Night Fights 3.” I liked him so I asked if I could make an image of him and Skybandit said yes. And this is what I came up with. His design done in my style.