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OK, I’m gonna start to slowly bring over my images from the UGO forums. Some I might do updates of, but most probably not. I’m also gonna try and give more info on my characters in this forum than I did in the other one.
I’m gonna start with my Friday Night Fights 3 team, which made it to the semifinals.

The Stars
The concept of my team was that they were all individual competitive fighters, the best in their universe, that joined together to fight in the ultimate multi-universal tournament.
Trell – Gadgeteer – Super Genius, Leader of the Team
Sutol – Martial Artist – Martial Artist Supreme
Jana – Energy Blaster – Heat and Cold Manipulation to the Extreme
Jean – Mentalist – Omega Level Telepathic and Telekinetic Teen
Gioh – Brick – Very Big, Very Very Strong, Very Very Very Mean

And I would just like to note that these are five of my favorite characters and images that I have created. And the group shot too.