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Virtue wanted to see some villains. So I went through my archives and realized, I don’t really have many villains. I do have a villain race, the Ktarii. So I think now is a good time to introduce the Ktarii royal family, among the baddest bad guys in the universe.

Ok, so in my universe, humans aren’t exclusive to Earth. In fact, we are among the oldest and make up the majority of beings in the universe. And we humans on Earth are very young among the many races of humans. The Ktarii are believed to be the oldest. The physical characteristics of each human race can vary depending on a variety of things including environment and way of life. The Ktarii have evolved to the point of physical and mental perfection. Most Ktarii have charcoal black skin and green hair with yellow or grey eyes, but some(around 1 in a Billion) are born with chalk white skin with blue hair and green or red eyes. These white skinned Ktarii are considered outcast and are abandoned at birth. If an outcast is born by royalty, it is ceremonially branded and killed at birth. Ktarii possess what would be considered super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, healing, and reflexes by Earth human standards. Some Ktarii have been know to display some mental powers. The Ktarii are highly advanced technologically but in the Royal City of Ktar, advanced technology is forbidden. In the Royal City of Ktar life resembles that of medieval times. The Ktarii believe they are the only true race of humans and have vowed to wipe all others from existence.

Now to meet the royal family, starting with my newest image, King Kiin on his throne. After that is Kiin and his Queen Zor. Then the King’s son, Prince Potaa with some royal guards. And then the family and guards in a throne room. And finally the king’s brother, Lord Mar and his son, General Dyndaa. All but Kiin on throne are old images and are a bit large.