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And now for something new. The first entirely new character I’ve made in I don’t know how long. Not a redesign, or remake, or random nameless character but an actual new character, complete with name and story and everything. Hope you enjoy!


Terrell Jackson was one of the United States Super Soldier program’s great successes. The program gave enhanced senses, reflexes, strength, durability and an enhanced healing factor to an already highly intelligent, ace fighter pilot. But, Terrell Jackson wasn’t invincible. When his plane was shot down, Jackson lost both of his arms and both of his legs. Luckily, his healing factor was able to keep him alive. Alive and with his brain intact, Jackson was too big of an asset to give up on. So, the military created a special suit which gives him “energy prosthetics” and even further enhanced strength and durability. Jackson’s “stumps”, as he calls them, are also able to fire off blast of energy from the arms and burst of propulsion for flight from the legs. Now, as Freedom, Terrell Jackson is the military’s greatest weapon. And one of America’s greatest heroes.
ps Does anyone know what rank an ace fighter pilot in the Air Force might hold? Because I would really like for him to be Captain Terrell Jackson or whatever rank that would be proper.